Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mother!

I am not really liking your growing old; but, a birthday is a birthday! It, being yours, is mine too. Haha! So we have jilebis and butterscotch ice-cream today!
Happy Birthday! I love you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jumping off the cliff... teach myself to fly.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flashes before your eyes...

Mum changed the configuration of the furniture in her bedroom today. The bed, it's now back to the way it was in various times in the past. Most notably, sometime in 2004 and in the summer of 2006.

As I lied down on the bed, memories flashed before my eyes. Like pictures of the times I'd seen, lying in the same place, sometime. The room is not exactly the same, but my eyes see flashes of those pictures superimposed onto my vision.Memories, of the times, from years gone by. Some, insignificant...

Some, indelible. Like, the memory of the night I slept besides my father in the bed, for the last time. For some reason, that night I felt like snuggling up to him more cosily than usual. I did not know that he won't be there when I wake up, ever again. Like, the memory of the next 4 nights, when I, don't know how, slept in the cosy bed, not knowing where he was. And like the memory of those few nights following 27th May, when I slept in this bed with my mum to the left, an unused pillow to the right and my arm reaching out into the void.

The bed, it has been moved countless number of times to be placed in different places. It's gonna be this way for some time now. Tonight, I go to bed like I usually do these days. I'll publish this post from my phone. Then, read some book and random tweets and listen to songs.

Now playing - "I got troubles, lord. But, not today. 'Cause they gon' wash away. They gon' wash away..." - Wash Away (Reprise) by Joe Purdy.