Thursday, January 14, 2010

15th January 2010

That's another 15th Jan coming up in 30mins and I have this feeling, the familiar feeling I experience every year around this time. It's a whole mix of different emotions, feelings, ideas, memories flooding me. Anticipation too. It's a special date. I'm gonna be a year older.

A lot has happened and a lot will happen, as usual. It's a time to just give it all a thought in a different perspective. All that apart, it just feels good. In a weird way. But good it is. All emotional and all eh. Hehe. Yeah.

As for resolutions, this time, I'm resolving to procrastinate procrastination! Been bugging me too long and I've got to do something abt it. Plus, a few other plans too. All regarding being better and all. The usual.. I know.

As for thank you's, I have a lot many thanks for a lot many people.

As for love, this is a great time to say it out loud from the heart that... I love my mum and dad. I love her. I love my friends, a lot! And... I love me. :) And.. I love a few other things, too. A lot!
Having said all that (I kinda like doing this each year), I'll end this post here.

15mins to go.

Work, party, enjoy, live, love!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was watching this Hindi daily soap last night with my mum during dinner. It's one of the better ones, as of now. There was this scene where the girl is reading her lover boy's letter. Actually, it was a sad scene - something about goodbyes forever. I didn't really listen to the entire letter but a part of it. The part in which the guy talks about how she changed him and all that he learned cause of her. He talks about how he's a changed man now; how he's grown up from being a selfish li'l kid to a loving man; how he has learnt to lie and how he has learnt to go against his own kin; how he has learnt to smother his happiness for others, be selfless and a few more such things. He says that he will always love her for affecting him in such a profound way. Ends it by saying something about not knowing whether he can still sign off by saying 'love you', not being able to lie but having learnt that now and then signing off with a 'bye'.

It was, indeed, just another sad, touching, heart wrenching, Hindi-soapy melodramatic goodbye, which is most probably just temporary - a way they can prolong the happy meeting of the lovers by a few episodes and sadden the hearts of the desperate housewives of the nation before injecting them with love potion (or the hope of it) once again. But, washing away all the lather of this soapy heart laundry, the goodbye was reminiscent of all the learnings of crazy-love-school. I remembered how much one learns from the girl and changes in the process. Lot's of learnings - some good, some bad; some happy, some sad. Cheesy rhyme, I know; I can't actually list all of the lessons here in a single post. I have them stored in my system. Our soapy hero already listed a few, didn't he? By the way, the one about learning to lie made me smile.

So, having talked about all the lessons and a sad goodbye, the important point I'd like to make is - one might or probably will have to say goodbye to a good teacher but let that not stop him from loving forever after.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What the heck...

'tis time to be strong!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Where will it take us?

Last night..

is best not recollected.