Monday, September 28, 2009

Nociceptive disEntanglement

Entangled. Entwined. Like a pair of confused strings.
It aches. A constant confounding pain clouding the senses.

Pull away too quickly just to re-entangle the kinks.
And pull harder to snap free.
It will hurt. A sudden lethal heartbleed.

Be unmoving. Still as silence.
As I slowly disentangle myself from around you.
It's felt. Like a slow blade on my half benumbed skin.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I: Everyone thinks you're crazy!
I: I'm not!
I: Even I think you're crazy.
I: I'm not. I'm just an undampened oscillating pendulum.
I: That, is crazy enough.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Love Potion by Dr. Devil's Laboratories.

I sit idle. I indulge in love.
I sit idle. The devil indulges in me.
And while the devil works. I sit idle.

And this is what he comes up with...

The Love Potion® by Dr. Devil's Labs

Do you feel you're too strong? Hard working?
Craving for some drama? Want to lose-r yourself in love?

The new Love Potion® by Dr. Devil is exactly what you need!!

Weakens your nerves!
Loosens your muscles!
Fills your heart with mush!
Clouds your brain with pink smoke!
Then makes you tumble down the roller coaster ride until you crash into a million pieces!!
Sounds like the perfect loser fantasy for your craving mind?
Order the Love Potion® now!!


¿Quieres solucionarlo?
Borrarlo de tu vida.
De perros amores.

Friday, September 18, 2009

lessSleep Nights

I sleep on the sofa. She sleeps in the bedroom. Love dies a slow death in the corridor.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


If, for being together, there has to be pain.
Let pain be.

If, for being together, we have to hurt.
Let me hurt.
Hurt me.

Together, be.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who is I in love with?

It's funny how different people think I is in love with different people.

For instance, A seems to think that I is in love with J, J seems to think that I is in love with M, M knows that I is in love with M but has doubts about A and J. D thinks that I is hallucinating and is in love with Æ who's an entity of I's imagination. N is under the false impression that I is in love with A. N also cautions I that I might fall crazily in love with any pretty letter if given a chance and most certainly enslave and screw I-self up!

I? I thinks. I thinks a lot. I thinks that I is in love with M but isn't quite sure who M is. Moreover, I also jumps in and out of love with M, so, I is pretty much confused about M. I is affected by certain other letters too but is quite sure that it's not in love. I also fancies many other pretty letters and is ever ready to fall in love all over again. But can I love another after M? I doesn't know. M makes I think.

Given the amount of confusion that this bloody love has caused, I is sure about one thing. I hates love.

A li'l.


All the letters above might be a reference to someone real. If it's Ur initials, then it might be U. Given the confusion that love has created, the accuracy of this account is doubtful. Reader discretion advised.

I can't think straight

I'm thinking curves and tangents at every other point on them.

Stuck between two erratic forces pulling in opposite directions, I'm oscillating along these lines.

I'm getting off this train.

Where am I?

Am I in love or out of it?
I don't know.
I'm out of sleep. At 5am in my bed.

Dogged Love

Love's such a bitch which doggedly persists!